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To awaken concern for the reformation of the individual, family, society, and nation in the shade of the mercy of the Quran and Sunnah.
In all stages of the reform effort, we are working with all kinds of religions, groups, and congregations as one’s own.

The third major and most important field of Islam is to give basic importance to Ihsan (Sufism) according to its rights.
To understand and practice this field in the original style of the ancestors.
To identify the inflationary behavior related to this sector. And to identify the ideological, practical, and economic defects created in this most important sector itself. To foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation by reducing the tension of groupism and sectarianism as much as possible. To encourage the work of every well-intentioned person and group engaged in the service of the Muslim Ummah. Pointing out the religious or worldly error of an individual group with moderation and respect.


Hafiz Muhammad Musa Bhutto Sahib started journalism in 1968, his series of articles started in Sindh’s most widely circulated newspaper “Ibarat” at that time.
Appointed as a regular columnist, at the beginning of 1971, he was associated with the daily “Jisarat” Karachi as a special correspondent. In 1984,
he was associated with the daily “Jang” as an essayist, which continued for four years. From 1992, he published a magazine in Sindhi called “Bedari”,
which was published in the last 27 In April 2003, he launched the “Bedari” magazine in Urdu, which has been running for the past 16 years.

Bhutto Sahib started the series of books in 1980 in the atmosphere of ideological conflict in Sindh where the movement of nationalism and
communism was strong. The books were sent every month to the educational institutions, academic figures, and people associated with the movements of Sindh.
In these books, along with the scholarly pursuit of the ideological movements of nationalism and communism, an effort was made to present Islam in a better-reasoned and modern style. He published about 150 books in the Sindhi language. Sufism in Urdu language. He wrote about a hundred books on the topics of Muslim psychology,
modern Islamic thought, and the interpretation of the words of Sufi poets and elders and the explanation and interpretation of the thoughts of prominent Islamic
thinkers and their introduction, which his institution published. Bhutto Sahib did great work that until 1984, he analyzed the books of one and a
half hundred years of thinkers and scholars of the Islamic world, because he was suffering from serious problems regarding the ideal of Islam, that
the ideal of Islam is Allah. Whether it was love, a relationship with Allah, and the purity of character or the struggle for the dominance of the Islamic system,
he had to study continuously for years to get out of such problems. Explained And highlighted some of the weaknesses of the thinking of modern Islamic thinkers,
in this way, where they were united about the Islamic ideals of thought, they also got to know the weaknesses of their thought along with the goodness present
in all thinkers and modern Islamic thought. He lost his composure with worry.



  1. محمد یوسف طبعائی

    ابل صد احترام مولانا موسی بھٹو
    کیا آپ نے اپنی سوانحی عمری لکھ ڈالی ہے۔ مجھے امید ہے کہ کہ آپ یہ قومی امانت زمانہ حال کے حوالے کرنے کسی کسر نفسی سے کا م نہ لیں گے۔ اللہ آپ کا حامی وناصر ہو۔
    محمد یوسف طبعائی

    • BedariEmillat

      وعلیکم السلام
      جناب یہاں اس نام کی کوئی کتاب نہیں۔



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